Skin Cancer - Skindoc | Dr Jennifer Yip | Dermatologist | Sydney

Summer is approaching, and we need to take extra care of our skin.

Some common problems and tips are:

Acne Breakouts – Pores can become clogged when sweat mixes with bacteria and skin oils. 

  • Blot sweat from you skin with a clean towel/cloth and wash clothes, headbands, towels etc. before using again.  Use non-comedogenic which don’t clog the pore. 

Dry, irritated skin- Hot and humid outdoor air can have a dry effect on irritated skin, especially when spending time in the sun, pool and air conditioning.

  • Shower immediately after pool activities using a mild cleanser or body wash labelled antibacterial
  • Apply sun screen SPF 50+
  • Take warm showers rather than hot showers
  • Slather moisturizer after showering or bathing, moisturizer traps water in your skin

Folliculitis- Every hair on your body grows out of an opening called follicle.  When follicles get infected you develop folliculitis which look like pimples and become itchy and dry.

  • Immediate change out of workout clothes and shower
  • Stay out of tubs that contain high levels of acid and chlorine as some people develop a condition called ‘hot tub folliculitis. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes in hot and humid weather

Melasma- Being in the sun can make those brown patches on your face more noticeable

  • Wear sunscreen daily SPF 50 or more even on cloudy days
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses whilst outdoors
  • Choose gentle skin care products and avoid waxing as it can cause skin irritation which can worsen melasma

Heat rash- blocked sweat glands cause this and because the sweat is trapped it builds up under your skin causing a rash and tiny itchy bumps.

  • To reduce the risk, do anything that you can to stop sweating profusely
  • Wear light weight, loose fitting cotton clothes
  • Exercise outdoors during the coolest parts of the day or workout indoors
  • Try and keep you skin cool by using fans, cool showers and air-conditioning

Sun allergy- You can develop hives (allergic skin reaction) when in the sun, your skin will be red, scaly and may have extremely itchy bumps.

  • Take certain medications, check with your pharmacist or doctor
  • Wear sunscreen SPF 50 or more, wear sun protective clothing and seek shade

Sunburn- Getting sunburn can spoil summer fun and increase your risk of developing skin cancer

  • Apply sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, SPF 50+ and water resistance
  • Wear a rash shirt when swimming

Wear a wide-brimmed  hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and pants when possible and seek shade