Rosacea can be very disabling for many people, and is a very common condition. Medical management is the mainstay of management with oral treatment, creams and gels available. Some patients will require additional treatment with IPL, and some patients are also likely to suffer from sensitive skin, finding various skin products irritating to the skin.

IPL has been successfully used to treat rosacea. The mechanism of action of IPL is based on their selected absorption by haemoglobin. The thermal energy raises the blood temperature high enough to cause coagulation within the blood vessels which leads to fibrous granulation tissue formation.

Approximately four treatments of IPL  are required at one month intervals for a significant reduction of redness and spidery vessels. Improvement can be maintained with one session every 6 months. By altering the filter from 532nm to 595nm filter allows deeper vessels to be treated. Elongating the pulse duration to 100ms or using a succession of two or three pulses allow larger and deeper vessels to treated.

Living with rosacea

Having a red face can be very embarrassing. It can be socially inhibiting. A red nose can be particularly annoying as people often assume it is due to excessive alcohol consumption which is of course untrue!

Often having rosacea is associated with increased skin sensitivity and multiple products and sting or irritate the skin.

How is rosacea best managed?

This condition is best managed by dermatologists who are medical specialist doctors who are the experts in skin, hair and nail conditions. Consult your local doctor first for advice. Often you will be given a cream specific for your condition. If it is more severe your doctor may prescribe an oral treatment. If you fail to respond to this treatment your condition may require other treatment modalities other than medical options. However there are several reasonably effective options in topical and oral treatments.

Broadband light and Erbium YAG laser may be effective in the resistant cases of rosacea. We have medical grade Broadband Light device and Erbium YAG laser by Sciton at our surgery.

For further information on rosacea see your local doctor or contact Skindoc.