Psoriasis is often a socially embarrassing condition for many patients. There are now a wide range of treatments available which are all available at our practice. Patients with a mild condition can be successfully treated with topical therapy. Patients with more extensive psoriasis may require light treatment (phototherapy), oral treatment or biologics. The main goal is to clear the psoriasis and allow the sufferers to lead a normal life again.

Having a skin condition that affects most of your skin can be socially, mentally and physically debilitating. It can exacerbate the struggles young patients and teenagers face as their body changes. Many young people dealing with psoriasis often feel isolated from their peers. They feel different from their peers causing them to feel inferior to them. Often then feel that they will be teased or even bullied because of their physical appearance.

Conditions such as psoriasis can affect a broad range of patients in terms of age. Difficulty with intimacy is often mentioned as a reason why patients seek medical advice. People with psoriasis will often avoid certain activities such as swimming or wearing limited clothing such as shorts and t-shirts in hot weather.

Dealing with a skin condition can be challenging for most patients. However there are effective treatments available. In the last 20 years there have been huge advances in the area of biologic treatments for psoriasis. They have changed the lives of many of our grateful patients.

If you are dealing with psoriasis you are not alone. The aim of management is firstly establishing a rapport and communicating with you. Second education is essential. Instilling confidence in you and replacing the fear of the unknown. Thirdly having a discussion with your dermatologist who will guide your management as well as prescribe treatment is crucial in resolving your condition.

For further information please see your local GP, or contact Skindoc.

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