Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information about fees and billing as well as general information. We hope you find the answers you are looking for.

Do you remove moles, cysts or skin cancers?
Of course we do. You will need a referral from your local doctor and an initial consultation prior to the procedure. During the consultation you will be assessed to see if surgery is the appropriate procedure. There may be other treatment options available for your condition.
Do I need a referral from the GP?
No referral is needed for any cosmetic procedures. If you require an appointment to see the the dermatologist Dr Yip then a referral is required. A referral from your GP will entitle you to a Medicare rebate for the consultation and any procedures covered by Medicare.You will need a referral in order to claim your rebate from Medicare. If you do not have a referral you will not be able to claim a rebate from Medicare.
How long does a referral last?
A referral from your GP will last 12 months. However if you have a referral from a medical specialist it will only last 3 months. You need to make sure you come and see us within these time frames. However the expiry date of the referral will be 12 months from the date of the initial consultation if the referral is from your GP. The expiry date of the referral from your medicali specialist will be 3 months from the date of the initial consultation.
When do I need a new referral?
If it is 9 months of longer since the initial consultation for a ‘single course of treatment’ Medicare advises patients that a new referral is required. This includes all conditions including mole and skin cancer checks. What is the definition of a ‘single course of treatment’? A single course of treatment involves the initial consultation by a medical specialist and the continuing management up to the stage where the patient is referred back to the care of the GP for that particular condition. The presentation of an unrelated condition requires a new referral. The attendance following this new referral will attract the higher Medicare rebate for an initial consultation. Our friendly reception staff can advise you further regarding when you need to bring in a new referral.
What happens if my referral expires?
You will need to obtain a new referral from your GP.
Do I get a rebate from Medicare?
Yes, you do for the initial consultation and any subsequent follow-up consultations. Any procedure that is itemised under Medicare will attract a Medicare rebate. The rebate varies from item to item.
Do you do mole and skin cancer checks?
Yes. It is important to have a regular mole and skin cancer checks as Australia is known to have the highest rate of skin cancers in the world including melanoma. Diagnosing your skin cancer early allows us to treat your cancer more effectively. What are your fees, billing policy and costs? We set fees at a level we consider are competitive, fair and reasonable. We do not bulk-bill but aged pensioners are charged a reduce rate. Please ring reception for the costs of your initial consultation.
Do you accept the Medical Schedule Fees?
Like most medical specialists, we do not accept the Medicare Schedule Fee as sufficient remuneration for services. The MBS fee has not kept in line with inflation for many years. The Australian Medical Association has its own scale of fees. We charge fees for procedures as set by the Australian Medical Association.
Do you bulk-bill?
No. we do not bulk-bill. We charge a reasonably competitive fee for consultations and procedures.
What is the Medicare Rebate?
This is the proportion of the fee paid by Medicare on your behalf. This rebate is 85% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule fee for out of hospital services.
What is ‘Out of Pocket Expenses’ or ‘Gap’
This is the shortfall between the fee we charge and the Medicare rebate you receive. Unfortunately the Government only allows private health funds to cover the gap between the Medical Benefit Schedule fee and the Medicare rebate when you are admitted to hospital and not when you have a procedure outside the hospital. Therefore any gaps outside the hospital are not covered by private health funds.
What is the Medicare Safety Net?
The difference between the Medicare rebate and the Medicare Schedule fee for out of hospital Medicare funded services counts towards this safety net. Once the threshold is reached for individuals including individuals on aged pensions and healthcare card holders in a calendar year. Patients will be reimbursed 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee rather than the standard Medicare benefit of 85% for all Medicare services for the remainder of the calendar year. The Medicare safety net threshold is reset on 1 January each year.
What is the Extended Medicare Safety Net?
The extended Medicare Safety Net meets 80% of the out-of-pocket (the difference between the fees charged and the Medicare benefits paid) for out-of-hospital Medicare services, once the annual threshold is reached. The Medicare thresholds are re-set on 1 January each year by Medicare. Once the relevant threshold is reached Medicare will pay the higher benefits for the remainder of the year.
I am interested in skin rejuvenation. Do I need a referral?
We recommend you do get a referral as your skin condition may attract a Medicare rebate. For example, laser resurfacing for acne scarring attracts a Medicare rebate for the laser procedure as well as the consultation. However a referral is not necessary if you wish to see the cosmetic nurses. The nurse will assess you and if she deems your procedure or condition will attract a Medicare rebate she will advise you to obtain a referral or if a dermatological consultation is to your advantage in improving your skin condition. She will make the decision during your first consultation with her.
Do I need an appointment to see the cosmetic nurse?
To see the cosmetic nurse you will need to ring reception and make an appointment. Consultations are on Mondays, Thursday and Fridays 8.30am to 4.00pm.
Do you provide cosmetic consultations?
If your skin concerns are purely cosmetic with no underlying medical conditions, you may then choose to have a cosmetic consultation with our Registered Nurse. The fee to consult our nurse is $130 and there is no Medicare rebate on nurse-led consultations. Our nurse can assess and recommend for your skin concerns such as; mild acne, lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, freckles, redness, tattoo removal, vascular lesions such as; spider naevus, leg vessels and advise on skin care. During your cosmetic consultation you will also be advised on skin care treatments that will tailored to your concern. Our Nurse provides a wide range of therapeutic procedures, these include; - Skin smoothing treatment (medical grade superficial and medium depth peels) - Wrinkle reducing and facial volumising treatments (please note at SkinDoc we do not offer Nose and forehead fillers) - Collagen stimulating treatments with Dermapen or Secret RF - Broad Band Light (BBL) - Laser treatments including, Erbium laser which includes Microlaser peeling treatments, Profractional and Halo treatment and Nd-YAG laser which includes the clearScan and ClearSilk. - Cutera Enlighten III PICO laser for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation As some of the skin conditions such Rosacea and Birth marks may attract a Medicare rebate the nurse will advise you during the consultation if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate. If so, you will be strongly recommended to obtain a referral to see the dermatologist where there will be an additional consultation fee to see the dermatologist.
What advice on skin care products and cosmeceuticals can SkinDoc give?
As the cosmetic nurses are registered nurses with a university degree in Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing) you will be guided and educated in how to choose effective skincare products based on basic skin biology as part of our Clinically Based Guide to Selecting Topical Skincare Product. Without consultation and direction from an informed cosmetic nurse or clinician, consumers can make poor product choices, resulting in wasted money and unsatisfactory outcomes. We can help you make a scientifically based guide towards selecting the best topical skin care products. This guide is based on The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid (Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2014). We sell a range of cosmeceutical products which can only be purchased at cosmetic medical doctor practices. For further information please contact reception.