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Do I need a referral to see a dermatologist?

Understanding the requirements for visiting a specialist can be challenging, and without clear information, you may feel uncertain and unempowered to seek the help you need. At SkinDoc, we want to provide clear information surrounding our booking requirements – specifically regarding GP referrals – so you feel confident to organise an appointment and see our dermatologist Dr Jennifer Yip.

If you need a cosmetic procedure, you do not need a referral from your doctor. Rather, you can simply call our SkinDoc staff on 9602 5785 to book an appointment, with a short waiting time. Cosmetic procedures include anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation, creams & cosmeceuticals, micro-needling and chemical peel.

If you require a medical appointment with Dr Yip, you must provide a referral from your GP when you book your appointment.

A good question to ask yourself when considering if you need a referral is: am I looking for a purely aesthetic treatment, or do I have an associated medical condition? If you are simply looking to change your aesthetics (such as decrease wrinkles or remove a tattoo), you do not require a referral, whereas if you have a medical condition (including acne, rashes, skin cancer, or an injury), you need a referral.

You must obtain a referral before you book an appointment, as referrals cannot be backdated. SkinDoc staff will not contact your GP for a referral; it is your responsibility to organise.

Having a referral from your doctor ensures that they remain informed about your consultation and treatment, and can update your medical records. It also entitles you to the maximum rebate when your consultation is processed by Medicare, which can be done at our SkinDoc Liverpool practice. With a referral, you will also be able to receive a rebate for any covered treatments. Note: without a referral, you will not be able to claim any rebate from Medicare.

Once you have obtained a referral from your GP, it will last for 12 months after your first consultation with a specialist (including Dr Yip). Referrals from medical specialists only last 3 months after the initial consultation. Yes, expiration dates from your first consultation, not from when the referral was given. Make an appointment at SkinDoc within these periods. After the given times, you must obtain a new referral.

Medicare advises patients to gain a new referral if it has been 9 months or longer after the initial consultation for a ‘single course of treatment’. A single course of treatment refers to when a patient has a consultation with a medical specialist, and after treatment and management, is referred back to the GP for any continued care. Mole and skin cancer checks fall under this bracket. If a new condition arises, you should obtain a new referral. A higher Medicare rebate for an initial consultation results from an additional referral.

If you have any questions surrounding if you need a referral to see our dermatologist Dr Jennifer Yip, don’t be afraid to reach out to our friendly staff at SkinDoc on 9602 5785.