PICO Laser for Pigmentation | Skindoc Dermatologists | Liverpool Sydney | Dr Jennifer Yip

PICO Laser for Pigmentation

Excessive pigmentation of the face is a very common problem particularly in people with an olive complexion and with our high UV index.

So what can be done? 
Firstly make sure you wear sunscreen SPF 50 and a broad-brim hat. Over-the-counter preparations generally only contain 2% hydroquinone and are often not terribly effective. Some chemical peels can help particularly those containing mandelic acid, salicylic acid, phytic acid or Kojic acid. 

If you still have stubborn pigmentation broad band light such as our broad band light attached to our Sciton platform. 

However what has shown consistently good results in chloasma is a combination of pico laser and topical agents. Our Cutera Enlighten have shown to be successful in eradicating unwanted pigmentation. 

Using 750 pico sec 1064nm 10hz 0.8J/cm2 and doing several sessions 6-8 weeks apart have shown to significantly reduced pigmentation.