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The healing power of phototherapy

Light has been known to help heal various skin conditions. Research scientist have been able to select therapeutic specific wavelength and eliminate damaging once in the management of various skin conditions. Phototherapy is the use of these therapeutic raise to treat specific skin conditions. The use of ultraviolet light in the management of photo responsive skin diseases has been use worldwide since 1981 it is highly effective and safe and essential tool in the management of eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and other photo responsive skin conditions.

Narrow band UVB

Narrow band UVB has proven to be the most effective phototherapy treatment option for hundreds of thousands of patients with psoriasis all over the world.

Benefits of narrow band UVB phototherapy

Eliminating you the in wavelength below 311 nm permits higher intensity is an longer exposure times so patient is can derive the maximum benefit from phototherapy.

This increased effectiveness permits more aggressive treatment regimens resulting in a short course of treatment.

Extensive research has shown that patients not only avoid the dangers of the serious burning from sub-erythemal exposure but they may also enjoy longer remission after treatment.

Remission with narrow band UVB is markedly superior to broadband UVB treatment for minor skin conditions. Studies show 38 to 40% of narrow band UVB treated patients require no additional therapy for at least 12 months.

What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy is light treatment and is used to treat a wide range of skin conditions which are responsive to light. Narrow band phototherapy is when only 1 wavelength of 311 nm is used to treat various photo responsive skin conditions. These conditions include psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema. It is safe for use in pregnant women and in children.

Phototherapy is painless, safe, effective and can be administered to a wide range of patients but is not always well known to the general population.

Statistics have shown consistently high rates of clearance for narrow band UVB phototherapy with a median clearance time of only 4 to 5 weeks in the majority of patients with psoriasis.

It is also cost effective and rebates are available under Medicare.

Phototherapy unit by Daavlin complies with FDA regulations and ISO requirements regarding medical devices. In Australia it is also complies with TGA and approved under Medicare for the management of certain photo responsive skin conditions.

Phototherapy treatment managed by dermatologists with the help of registered nurses. To learn more, please visit our website