Covid-19 - Skindoc | Dr Jennifer Yip | Dermatologist | Sydney

Important information from SkinDoc and an Update on COVID-19 and our Practice.

Your safety remains a high priority to us and we are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak closely. We will continue to uphold our high clinical standards and sanitisation standards/protocols during this pandemic.

We are doing everything we can on our end to ensure that we are following the government protocols to minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus,

  • this includes implementing social distancing in our surgery; we are only allowing one patient in the waiting room at one time
  • We ask all UVB patients and all other patients to call us when they arrive at the surgery to let us know that they are here to have their treatment or for their consultation appointment and to wait in their car for their turn.
  • We ask of parents who are bringing in their child for consultation, to only bring in the child to be seen and have only one parent present in the consultation room.
  • We would like to remind patients that we do offer biologic script to be posted via registered post and we can now also offer all other non-authority scripts to be posted via normal post to minimise traffic into our surgery.
  • We are wiping down all surfaces, UVB machines, door handles, desk tops and chairs and etc. with antibacterial wipes.
  • We have provided hand sanitisers for all our patients to use

We are doing all we can but we also ask for your help in minimising the risk and ask you to advise and inform our reception staff of any health concerns that you have and/or experiencing any flu/cold like symptoms prior to visiting us.

We ask the following patients to self-isolate and stay at home for 2 weeks and reschedule their appointment it they have:

  • travelled overseas , have been in a cruise ship or have come in contact with someone who has travelled overseas recently,
  • And / or are experiencing any of the flu and cold like symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has been confirmed COVID-19 positive.

We are now also offering Telehealth and Skype consultation for our immune suppressed patients and the elderly or nursing home patients, this is available to those who are;

  • On biologic treatments for conditions such as; psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa and etc.
  • Patient who are at the age of 70 and over
  • Patients who are pregnant and/or caring for a child under the age of 12months
  • Or those that have been advised to self-isolate or have come in contact with someone who has been positive of having COVID-19.

For all telehealth and skype consults, new referral and follow up consult fees will still apply as per normal, that is; new referral fee is $255 and follow up fee $165.

Skype and Teleheath is now in place for those who wish to stay at home. You will still need to have an appointment time booked and have a current referral, payment will be made over the phone via EFTPOS. When you are next we will call and consult via either phone or skype.

However, if you have any suspicious lesions that could be a melanoma or a skin cancer, you will still need to attend the clinic and we will not be able to have a Skype consultation.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us on 9602 5785. Or email us via Jennifer Yip