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The Halo Laser

Halo laser is a hybrid fractional laser that delivers 2 wavelengths simultaneously to the skin. The non-ablative 1470nm wavelength delivers energy to the dermis. The 1470nm is tuneable from 200 to 700um allowing the user to select the most appropriate depth to optimise treatment of pigment irregularities, textural changes and pore size.

The 2940nm erbium YAG is ablative with out generating heat. It tunable from 20 to 100 um. This provides ablation of the epidermis. Multiple tiny areas are ablated leaves intervening areas untouched. This leads to faster healing times and improved results than full ablation of the epidermis.

What are the benefits of the Halo Laser?
It is more comfortable than traditional fractional resurfacing.
Faster healing time than traditional CO 2 laser.

Women can wear makeup in 24 hrs.
Low downtime.

Patients are able to go back to work within a few days. 
No complicated occlusive post laser care.
Noticeable improvement within weeks.

What can this Halo be used for?
Wrinkles and fine lines
Sun damage
Skin texture change
Skin resurfacing 
Signs of ageing
Pigmented lesions
Enlarged pores
Sun spots
And Acne Scars