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Do men care about their physical appearance?

Men have the same goals as women. They want to look their best. They are increasingly researching aesthetic procedures and cosmeceutical products to maintain their youthful appearance or to improve their physical appearance.

  • Improvements in healthcare across the world mean we are living longer. Life expectancy at birth was 81.2 years for males and 85.3 years for females in 2018-20 (Australian Bureau of Statistics).
  • Men seek subtle rejuvenation procedures which are often non-invasive and with no downtime.
  • Instead of plastic surgery they are more inclined to pursue anti-wrinkle treatment to reduce the frown lines, forehead wrinkles which can make them look aged or angry in appearance. Reducing these heavy lines can project a younger more relaxed and youthful appearance. Although women outnumber men by a significant number they are increasingly requesting this simple treatment.
  • Redness of the face or rosacea is another troublesome area for men. Rosacea is often more severe in men but the condition is more common in women. Rosacea can be more debilitating for men than women as they cannot camouflage it with makeup.

Broadband light which is more commonly known as intense pulse light and NdYAG laser can be used to reduce the redness.

Hair transplantation surgery and blepharoplasty are surgical procedures are popular procedures amongst men. Liposuction for targeting the troublesome areas of excess fat are other areas increasing researched by men.

Which skin care products should men use?

Facial cleanser

Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women and greasier and less fragile. The greater production of sebum can make men’s skin prone to acne in their younger years. Shaving can increase the risk of irritation. Smoking and sun exposure increases the risk of premature ageing.

Use a pH 5.5 soap free cleanser which is less likely to disturb the pH of the skin and dry your skin. After cleaning the skin use a moisturiser that is suited to your skin type (sensitive or oily skin etc). If you shave use a shaving cream that is suited to your skin type and an aftershave balm. Use a sunscreen SPF 50 if you work outdoors or play sport outdoors.

If the skin appears dull or rough in texture use a HA exfoliating cleanser to improve the lustre and smoothness of your skin.


Men generally do not like greasy moisturisers and often do not use moisturiser regularly. However moisturisers are essential in hydrating the skin and help fight the effects of ageing. The aim is to use the moisturiser regularly at least once a day. It doesn’t really what moisturiser you use as long as you use it regularly.

What non-invasive procedures are recommended for men?

Firstly, we recommend a cosmetic consultation with our registered nurse who can explained these procedures in more detail.

To reduce your wrinkles and frown lines particularly on the forehead, crow’s lines and central eyebrow area anti-wrinkle treatment is the gold standard.

For reducing troublesome redness on the face broadband light is effective particularly for fair skin complexions.

To find out more about these rejuvenation procedures, and get information on how to maintain your physical appearance, please contact our surgery on 02 9602 5785. SkinDoc’s staff will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries.