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Cutting Edge with Laser

Do you have annoying pigmentation on your face? Or a tattoo that you wish you did not have?

Or does your facial skin need some rejuvenation?

Cutera 3 Pico Laser

We have  an exciting new pico laser Cutera 3 which can effectively treat  pigmentation on the face whether it is in your epidermis or deeper in your skin called the dermis.

Tattoos of all colours can be effectively treated with the Cutera 3 including the more difficult colours such as white, yellow and red colours.

For facial rejuvenation the laser beam is fractionated. With the correct wavelength, pulse duration and spot size the skin can be revitalized. This leads to better skin texture, decrease pore size and improved skin radiance.

The treatment is painless and there are minimal side effects with essentially no down time.

If you on learning more about improving your skin and the breakthrough technology in lasers with the advent of pico lasers please go onto the link in our Facebook and website