Covid-19 - Skindoc | Dr Jennifer Yip | Dermatologist | Sydney

Are there any skin signs of COVID-19 infection?

Although this is a SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) infection and therefore predominantly attacks the lungs this virus can also cause skin manifestations.

It has been reported to occur in up to 20% of COVID-19 patients. Skin signs are not specific for COVID-19 infections.

What are the skin signs of COVID-19 in simple language?

  1. Chilblain-like redness on the fingers and toes (perniosis)
  2. Red network rash (livedo reticularis) usually on the arms and legs
  3. Red viral rash on the body or arms or legs similar to chicken pox (varicelliform exanthema)
  4. Tiny red dots or bruise-like rash (petechiae or purpuric eruption)
  5. Hive-like rash (urticarial)

Interestingly there have been reports of increased frequency of male pattern hair loss with COVID-19.

In children a rash resembling Kawasaki disease has been seen.

No doubt we will learn more about the skin manifestations of COVID-19 as time goes.

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